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?>Having a vehicle that is handicap accessible is many times a prime requisite for many business transportation acquisitions. When you are planning to purchase a nonambulatory equipped coach the question with which you may wish to start is, How many tie downs do you need? Or in other words how many wheel chair positions or wheelchair lifts do you think the bus you are going to buy will need to have. Normally just 1 wheelchair position is common when manufacturing wheelchair buses for sale. Many times 2 wheelchair tie downs or wheelchair lifts are installed to the bus for further accessibility to the handicapped. More than 2 wheelchair positions can be very difficult to find and many times you might be better off searching for an old wheelchair bus for sale that has perhaps been a converted wheelchair bus for sale or could possibly suit your needs with an addition wheelchair lift added to the coach. When taking a look at a used wheelchair bus for sale it is very important to make sure that the equipment you are getting is in functioning order.

Wheelchair Bus For Sale, Used Wheelchair Buses

There are many types of wheelchair buses for sale and no doubt you are in search of a specific kind of wheelchair bus. With older wheelchair buses from the early 1990's or 1980's you may want to look for things such as a single owner, garage kept, low mileages, or excellent working condition before committing to the purchase. Smaller wheelchair buses such as perhaps the short bus, or small school bus for sale is an example of a small wheelchair bus that may be a difficult find and you may want to look into a new bus for sale if you can afford it otherwise you may be shopping around or looking into a broker of some sort to help you find the right bus for sale. On the opposite side of the spectrum larger wheelchair buses can also be difficult to find as well as the wheelchair coaches that are equipped with more than 2 or 3 tie down positions. Midsize wheelchair buses and the non cdl minibuses with 1 or 2 wheel chair lifts are an easier find when it comes to getting a good deal on a new or used handicap accessible coach for sale.

Wheelchair Bus Makes & Models

Among the most popular nonambulatory accessible coaches is probably the ford minibus or midsize ford wheelchair bus. Wheelchair school buses are also a popular style, MCI manufacturers a coach with a wheelchair lift as well however normally the mci bus comes with just 1 tie down position. Most companies manufacturer some wheelchair bus so you are sure to find a bus with any of the more popular bus producers like Chevy, Bluebird, Setra, Neoplan, Ford, GM, Van Hool, International, Freightliner and more.

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