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Van Hool, Used Van Hool Bus For Sale
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Van Hool started off in 1947 as a small family owned business. Over the decades the Van Hool company has blossomed into a thriving bus company producing thousands of Van Hool coaches every year in several markets. More recently Van Hool produces about 20 to 40 buses and commercial buses a day, around 5000 buses for the year. ?>Most Van Hool Coaches are exported and most of those are exported to Europe. An average of about 600 coaches per year are exported to the United States and Van Hool's are in service worldwide. Van Hool has quite a selection of Models to choose from, it can be a bit confounding when tryin to find a van hool for sale.

Van Hool Bus - Popular Model Van Hool For Sale : The large majority of van hool models were and are produced for the european market and so mostly the bulk of their coaches are sold in various parts of europe. The Van Hool T2140, T2145, T840 and T845, T940 and Van Hool T945 were popular models sold in the United States as well as the vanhools listed below.

Used Van Hools For Sale, Europe & UK - Model Chart

Most of the models listed below are sold across the European market. You can find many of these used van hool models still for sale today in the UK. Van Hool offers a wide array of lower floor bus models :

Van Hool also offers a variety of lower floor buses with alternative power systems :

Additionally to the low floor buses offered by vanhool there are a large selection of van hool coaches to consider as well. These are the more traditional buses offered by the vanhool company.

Van Hool Coach Models :

Van Hool also offers a line of commercial vehicles other than buses including the van hool semi trailers, skeletals, tank semi trailers, and containers.

Van Hool Conversion, Van Hool Conversion Bus

Even though I would have to say that most coach conversions are probably not used van hool coach conversions, I can't say that they would make for a poor bus conversion. They certainly can offer the total capacity required to incorporate the various aspects needed to create the perfect conversion. Bathrooms, kitchens, sinks, showers and all the plumbing is obviously a high priority and as such perhaps the low floor buses may not be as wise a decision as othere model Van Hools. However if you are out for the perfect motorhome, then perhaps a van hool coach conversion could be right for you. Style is very important and though I am personally not a fan the the van hool transit style body architecture, that's why there is chocolate and vanilla.