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Small Bus, Small Buses
Looking For Small Buses For Sale, Or Perhaps A Used Small or Compact Short Bus?

What are small buses for sale? There is an obvious answer to this question, but obviously that is not the only answer because if it were, this article wouldnít be necessary. The point of this small bus for sale article is to cover some of the industry terminology when it comes to small buses for sale, and some of the significances of a small bus for sale.

The terms minibus and shuttle bus are typically used as catch all phrases for small buses for sale. Shuttle bus is actually a term for small buses that serve the purpose of shuttling passengers short distances. For example, an airport may employ small buses termed shuttle buses for their travelers so they can park their car in the airport parking lots and get transported the 1-2 miles from there to the actually airport. If you are looking for a used small bus for sale, any small buses termed shuttle bus are potentially a good buy because they are likely not put under terrific strain very often. As a result, small buses termed shuttle bus are likely to have their mechanical parts in generally excellent condition.

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When it comes to small buses for sale, the term minibus is frequently used as well. Small buses termed Ďminibusí can range from 8 to 30 passengers, but more often than not a minibus implies less than 26 passengers. Again, this is a vague term similar to the term small buses.

14 passengers is a significant characteristic to be aware of when searching for small buses for sale. When a small bus seats 14 passengers or less, it is also referred to as a non-cdl bus. CDL stands for commercial driverís license. A commercial driverís license is a special license that require extra training as compared to a regular driverís license. The significance is that if you buy yourself a 15 passenger or greater small bus, you will need this license. If you donít want to get a CDL license, then DO NOT BUY A SMALL BUS WITH MORE THAN 14 PASSENGERS. If you intend to get said license, or put someone in the driverís seat with a CDL license other than yourself, then 15+ passengers is peachy keen.

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Now that you are familiar with a couple key industry phrases in the small bus sales market, you must consider whether a small bus is going to meet your needs. Maybe you are interested in used small buses for sale because you donít want to spend a lot of money. That is a legitimate reason, since small buses for sale tend to be much cheaper than full size coaches. But outside of that concern, what is the purpose of your used small bus purchase? Is it for recreation/personal use, or for a business or organization. How many passengers are you going to need to accommodate as dictated by the demands of your purpose? Small buses may not be the thing to look for if your answer is greater than 25. You may want to look at mid size buses or midibuses as opposed to small buses, if this is the case.