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School Buses For Sale? Looking To Buy A Used School Bus?

Shopping for a good deal on a working used school bus for sale? Selling a used school bus of your own? Need buyers for the school bus or school buses that you have for sale? Look no further as here at you can find out how you can do these things, fast and easy. We will tell you about online market places where you can sell your new school bus, or used school bus for sale. Most places you go to get your bus sold will be simliar to a realitor either asking for an upfront fee to list your bus advertisement on their paper or charge you a commission based on the sale price of the school bus you have for sale. Well there is atleast one place we can share with you where not only can you find buses for sale of all makes and models, but also you can sell your bus with absolutely no listing fees, commissions, or hidden fees at all! Free is always a worth while investment ;) With the online market being by far the largest in the world and growing each day you are sure you can get more action selling your bus on the web for billions to see verses the old days of newspaper classifieds and local bus dealers or bus brokers. So have a school bus for sale? Want to sell your used school bus? Make sure to check out those links, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

The School Bus, Various Types Of School Bus For Sale

So what is a school bus and why the heck are they such a popular kind of bus anyway? Well, silly; School buses are one of the most purchased styles of motor coach because they are so widely used across the nation. We transport our youths to school on a daily basis on these hard to miss yellow buses with their automated stop signs to let us know when the kiddies are on the loose. Every school you can find most likely employs a school bus driver or multiples at least on a part time basis and no doubt operates atleast 1 school bus of their very own. Something that might not be commonly know is that many times school bus buyers are in search of a cheap altnernative to creating their own school bus conversion as gutting the school bus can be much simpler than another conversion coach. Additionally you may from time to time see school buses on the road that are not yellow buses. Most times when you spot one of these non-yellow buses what you have in fact seen is a prison transport vehicle. Many times in an effort to cut costs prisons will purchase used school buses, repaint them so they are not confused with normal school buses and then re-outfit them to be a standard prison transport bus.

School Bus Makes And Model Guide

When it comes to manufacturing school buses many companies have tried their hands at making a better school bus for our children. Choosing 2 above all others I would have to say that the Blue Bird Corporation, BlueBird Bus manufacturers as well as the Thomas Transit , or Thomas Built Buses are by far the two most popular and probably best producers of school bus through the United States at the very least. You can find these school buses for sale everywhere from the Mid-West to The East Coast these are very commonly used as school buses throught the states. This is not to say that these are your only choices when on the lookout for a used school bus for your school or conversion dreams. Chevy and many others manufacture a line of school bus as well and I have seen many "short buses for sale" that are Chevy buses and an excellent choice for a non cdl wheelchair lift small school bus for sale. Avtivity School Buses are a popluar style of bluebird school bus for sale, especially I believe it is the Vision School Bus which is still their newly produced and current line of school bus today.

Used School Buses

Recently I was doing some research before purchasing a few used school buses for a partner of mine and I thought I would share with you some of my finding briefly. With many resources available on the internet I went in search of some buses for sale online. Some normal avenues are places like Ebay, though I find when it comes to school buses or other motor coach sales their selection is shockingly small compared to some local dealers in various location around the globe. There are many dealers online that list their entire inventory and each bus has multiple pictures and a detailed description you can investigate without wasting too much time with buses that dont meet your criteria right away. A simple google search for something like "buses for sale" or in this case "school buses for sale" and you are sure to find quite a few dealers on the first couple pages with enough stock to keep you busy at the keyboard for a few days. As I poured through some of these school bus dealers, I take note if I can of their location as transporting the school buses to my location may not be a feasible monetary option given enough distance. Right away I found a school bus dealer in ohio, pennsylvania, new jersey, california, arizona, new england, and a few other places that I do not recall at the moment. I peruzed the east coast dealers to see if I could find anything in my price range and started in on the search for some good, fairly priced used school buses for sale.

Here are some of the used school buses I found that cought my eye.

Currently we our locating school buses for sale in specific locations, we are focusing find a school bus or otherwise in florida, new jersey, pennsylvania, new york, california. Next on the list for bluebird buses are the carolina's, delaware, nevada, texas, arizona, ohio, new england, maine and a few others. We'll keep you updated and add these school buses for sale as soon as possible.