New Flyer Buses, Renewable Energy & Electric New Flyer Bus Sales

New Flyer, Renewable Enegry Bus
Looking For New Flyer Buses For Sale, Or Perhaps A Electric Bus or Renewable Energy Bus?

There is about to be a modern eco-friendly fleet of New Flyer buses traveling the streets of major cities in Japan. Mitsubishi and New Flyer have signed an agreement to work together on renewable enregy buses. This New Flyer buses will help cut down on greenhouse admission gases.

New Flyer Buses Makes New Deal

The companies are hoping to have the first electric New Flyer buses on the streets in under a year. This is not Mitsubishi's first time developing an electric bus. If the companies can make this New Flyer buses to be economically sound it would be a huge victory for the automotive industry as well as the world.

The New Flyer Bus Company

The New Flyer Bus Company is always searching for ways to stay relavent in an ever changing industry. If they can pull off the electric bus it may just put them a step ahead of everyone else. Both Companies are hoping only good things will come out of this joint venture. Not only for the companies themselves and their buses for sale, but also for the world itself as a step closer to renewable engery automotives by manufacturing electric buses will be the future for us all.