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?>Freightliner bus is a popular manufacturer of not only buses & motor coaches but also trucks and larger automotive equipment. Freightliner is a very popular chassis when dealing with buses for sale regardless of the bus body type or general make of the coach you may find freightliner was involved in the manufacturing of part of the bus. Freightliner chassis have a reputation for being of high quality long lasting design and very sturdy pieces. Freightliner offers several models of bus sales of their very own and some of these include the MB Series, S2 Series Coach, XB Series and a few other Freightliner buses for sale. Frieghtliner generall incorporate a cummins diesel engine with an allison automatic either allison b210, b220, b300, 1000 pts, 2200 pts, 3000 pts models of allison automatic transmissions. Likewise several models of cummins engines are available for purchase or customization of your freightliner coach for sale. The extraordinarily durable Mercedes-Benz MBE 900 Freightliner MB Series includes 160-amp alternators as well as 200 amp and 270 amp alternators by Leece-Neville and Penntex.

Freightliner Bus

Many times you will find an older freightiner school bus for sale or used freightliner school bus that will still be as functional today as it was 10 years ago due to the sturdy construction of the freightliner chassis and engine. Freightliner buses for sale come in all shapes and sizes and are usually just a part of the vehicles make-up or construction. Whether you are looking for a freightliner limo bus, a freightliner school bus, a freightliner transit bus, a freightliner tour or charter bus, a freightliner shell or any other type you might think of you can probable find a new or used freightliner for sale that will acccomdate your needs and if not it's sure to be easy to find an old bus or junk bus that would be easily converted to be the freightliner you need.

We are in search of Freightliner buses for sale in the following locations, we are trying to find an Freightliner bus for sale in florida, new jersey, pennsylvania, new york, california. Next on the list for Freightliner buses are north and south carolina, nevada, texas, arizona, ohio, maine and a few more bus locations