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Flxible Buses, Most popular for the Flxible Clipper Bus & The Flxliner Coach. Looking For Used Flxible Bus, Or Perhaps Flxible Bus Parts For Sale? ?>

Flxible Buses For Sale

Finding flxible buses for sale can be a challenge these days as most flxible coaches are basically considered to be more of an antique style transit bus which gained most of its popularity during the 1950's and 1960's though continuing to produce coaches well into the mid 90's. Your best bet is to check used bus dealers or used bus brokers to find the flxible coach you might be after. The flxible coach offered an interesting appearance that caught the eye of many bus lovers and to this day bus enthusiasts and transit operators alike often times still choose an older flxible bus for sale over the current line of popular transit buses offered today.

Flxible Coach & Flxible Bus Models

The Flxible bus company manufactured several types of motor coach including all of the following styles of coach. The intercity coach as well as the C-1 intercity coach, the Visicoach series of city bus, the Starliner Flxible Bus, the Hi-Level Flxible Coach, the Flxliner, The Flxible Airporter Bus, The Flxible Clipper, and the Flxible Airway make up the majority of flxible bus models that reflect the company's manufacturing of intercity buses.

Some other styles of coach produced by the Flxible Company include the FL Fageoliner Coach, the Flxible FT Flxible Twin Coach, the Flxible New Look Coach, and a smaller transit bus known as the Flxette. This rounds out most of the Flxible line of Transit Coach and Flexible Transit Bus Sales.

Additionally Flxible made several other types of vehicle including ambulances as well as funeral cars and the original motorcycle sider cars they created when they first opened their doors. The 870 Advanced Design Bus was a popular model of Transit Bus also produced which ran into several problems encountered by flxible owners during the 1980's. The Metro Advanced Design Bus was available in five model combinations including the Metro A Bus, The Metro B Bus, The Metro C Bus, The Metro D Coach as well as the Metro E model flxible coach also offered for sale until the late 1990's, I believe 1995 or 1996 was the last year these were produced.

Flxible Bus History

When the Flxible Company, pronounced Flexible, first got started up they were actuall exlusively manufacturing motorcycle sidecars. They were called the Flexible SideCar Company and that was founded in 1913.