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Looking into a new or used Eagle Bus? Perhaps a Sleeper Coach or an Eagle Entertainer Bus?

The first eagle bus of european design was built in 1968 and was introduced in Belgium, this coach was the Eagle Model 5. About 12 years later around 1980 Eagle then produced a new line of coach the 1980 Eagle Model 10 bus which put into motion many changes with the design of the previously manufactured Eagle buses for sale prior to that, 1969 through 1979. All US coaches were made in Brownsville, Texas (TX) and the rest of their coaches were contructed in Belgium.

The models of Eagle 10 were manufactured as follows, the 1980 Eagle Model 10, the 1981 Eagle Model 10, The 1982 Eagle Model 10, The 1983 Eagle Model 10, The 1984 Eagle Model 10. In 1986 the last eagle 10 bus was sold and the new model Eagle was released and this time it was the Eagle model 16 bus for sale. The Eagle Model 15 was built with a standard size of 102" inches in width, later in 1989 the eagle model 15 could be now ordered as a eagle model 15 coach 45' feet long, 102" wide.

Come 1987 and the Greyhound Bus company made the decision to purchase Trailsways and Eagle Internation Incorporated and promptly changed the name of the company to Eagle Bus Manfucaturing Incorporated. Later in 1990's Greyhound declared bankruptcy and the company was split up to new locations including a location in Mexico. At this point most Eagles being manufactured were the Eagle Sleeper style coach or "eagle entertainers" and most of these eagle entertainer buses were being sold to celebrities and a more affluent audience.

Used Eagle Bus Sales

The Eagle Sleep Bus is probably one of the most well known of the eagle buses, though there are many makes and models of eagle buses to choose from. Perhaps there are not quite as many styles and models to select from as say Van Hool, but Eagle has always made a nice coach. They got their start with making the Golden Eagle Buses For Sale and continued forward into to a new line of Silver Eagle Buses for sale as well as manufactured many eagle sleepers, entertainer coaches, eagle conversions, eagle motorhomes and more!

Eagle Buses

The Eagle bus company was a Germany based company which got its start producing specifically the Golden Eagle Bus. These buses were articulated coaches that were on average a longer length that a normal coach of the era as well as curved in the middle or "bent", thus the "articulated bus". Similar to a setra in design these Eagles for sale had a chassis less frame called a Selbst Tragend, which translated to english means, self carrying. Later down the road for the eagle comapny was a concentration on a different market, the european auto industry where they would make an an attempt to sell their coaches in the european bus industry.

Currently we our locating Eagle buses for sale in specific locations, we are focusing on locating an eagle bus or otherwise in florida, new jersey, pennsylvania, new york, california. After that, we move to eagle buses are the carolina's, delaware, nevada, texas, arizona, utah, ohio, wyoming, kansas, new england, illinois, maine and a few more to come. We'll keep you updated and add these eagle coaches for sale as soon as possible.