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The Double Decker Bus is certainly my absolute favorite style of motor coach. Nothing is more liesurely than a cruise around town to see the sites on the second level of a double decker bus. Some double decker buses come equipped with tables and seats on the second level so you can enjoy a cocktail while you ride around town looking down on all the passers by, these are ususally referred to as a double decker party bus. A double decker party bus is my favorite of the styles of double deckers as I certainly love to party around town. Double decker buses more commonly found in some european cities as city tour buses or site seeing bus tours. The double decker bus comes in quite a few shapes and sizes, old and new. Various styles of double decker buses are manufactured by several companies that make double deckers for sale.


The height of a double decker bus can be a major concern when travelling from town to town and especially when going under bridgers or underpasses or what have you. All and all the height of a double decker bus is what makes it an attractive bus purchase for tour and charters. Double decker buses are not exlusive to the UK, you can find plenty of double decker tour buses right here in the United States, New Yord double decker buses are popular when touring New york city and the rest of the state. Washington DC and San Francisco are a few other places where you can find double decker bus tours and charter services. Double decker bus driving is not unlike driving a normal bus and as such a double decker bus driver can be anyone trained and licenced to operate a regular motor coach, transit bus.

Double Decker Bus For Sale, Used Double Decker Buses For Sale

Adding a double decker bus to your company certainly can't hurt, at the very least you know I will be booking a spot on the city tour bus! But seriously, if you are shopping for new double decker buses or used double decker buses there are several key factors to consider before your double decker bus purchase. If you can find the specs, or specifications for the double decker for sale then you are off to a good start. Make sure to review the engine type, transmission type, bus mileages both engines miles as well as transmission miles. When looking into a used double decker make sure to inquire as to whether this double decker bus's engine and transmission are rebuilds or if they are original double decker bus parts. It's always important to ask the question, "Is the mileage the original coach milage?".

Another thing to consider is the previous owner of the bus as well as any other past owners and what they used the bus for. What services to the previous owners offer, what type of clientel did they serve, what are of the country did they run the bus, all of these and more background history on your bus can save you headaches in the future as everyone knows it is no good to buy a lemon. You can make an attempt to find kelly blue book values on the particular double decker bus you are looking for but be warned that it is very difficult to pick up a used bus for the blue book value, the blue book is generally used by dealers as a rough guide to a vehicles current value and certainly not the final ticket price. Remodelling or restoring an old double decker may have cost the dealer a few extra bucks on the side and let's not crucify the dealer for getting quality repairs and part replacements on restorations they have done. That in and of itself raises another good point worth mentioning when buying a pre-owned bus. Check on the dealer you are buying from, if the guy as a history of shady dealings, not backing up promised warranties or general bad word of mouth, then perhaps it's time to move to the next dealer and shop around for not only the right bus but also the right dealer.

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So after spending the days and weeks that it may take to find the right double decker bus, be assured that once you have purchased the used double decker bus for sale that you wanted, it is sure to make a fine addition to your fleet. I certainly hope to get the chance to ride in it one day! Save me a seat!