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Carpenter School Bus models are a popular model of school bus made by Carpenter Body Company. The company has had many names: Ralph H. Carpenter Body Company, Carpenter Body Works, Inc., Carpenter Manufacturing Company, Carpenter Industries, Inc., and Crown By Carpenter. This company started building Carpenter School buses back in 1923. Shortly after, they purchased another company, Crown Coach. Like its competitors, Carpenter School Bus followed the history of the yellow school bus, modifying and implementing its design to conform to the school bus standards set in the great yellow school bus conference of 1939, where yellow was agreed upon to be the official color of Carpenter school buses (and all others), and also where various other construction standards were set with the interest of the safety of students in mind.

A shift in the education system (a consolidation of schooling) in the post world war II era put Carpenter School buses for sale at the lead of the pack with regards to church and school buses. 1956 marked an interesting and arguably inspiring year for Carpenter School Buses. A fire broke out in the plant and it was almost completely destroyed. Plant workers united to help rebuild the plant, some with deferred compensation, and the plant was rebuilt in a mere 89 days. Despite this major setback, the blood, sweat, and tears of the workers catapulted Carpenter School Buses to compete amongst the six greatest school bus manufacturers over the next 20 years. In 1980, Carpenter School Buses for sale hit a snag when shifting age demographics deflated the demand for Carpenter School Buses. A failed attempt at diversification led to bankruptcy, but then an industrialist named Dr. Beurt SerVaas led a refinancing campaign to save the company. Union workers made major concessions and Carpenter School Bus was back in business!

In the 90ís, Carpenter School Buses bought product rights to Crown buses, and incorporated some of their design into their models, renaming them Crown by Carpenter School Buses. Then, in 2001, Carpenter School Buses ceased manufacturing, when profits ceased despite increased sales. As if the bus gods wished to add insult to injury, in 2003 production flaws were discovered in their designs when a bus rolled over and the roof collapsed right down to the seats. Fortunately, there were no children aboard; only the driver, who survived the crash.

Carpenter School Buses for Sale

Since the company is no longer in business, you will only encounter used Carpenter School Buses for Sale.

Before purchasing a used Carpenter School Bus for Sale, it is very important to consult the NHTSA advisories about the potential design flaws because it would be a tragedy to see a Carpenter School Bus roll over when there were children aboard. A full scale investigation was never able to transpire since the company went out of business before the Florida incident occurred, so there is no conclusive information on which buses are certainly dangerous or not, though there are a range of buses known to be potentially dangerous.