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If you are in the market for a quality new or used bus, especially a school bus, a BlueBird bus may be your answer. Bluebird buses have been around for a long time and are one of the best bus manufacturers in the business. Bluebirds combine an excellent passenger coach quality with practicallity and an attractive design for your motor coach body. And of course Blue Bird follows in the footsteps of Dr. Frank W. Cyr, father of the yellow school bus.

The BlueBird Motor Coach / Bus Company : Bluebird is certainly one of the most popular names in the bus industry. The Bluebird Corporation offers a wide variety of bus type including;

The Blue Bird All American School Bus For Sale And Currently Being Produced By The Blue Bird Bus Corporation.
?> They offer these buses configurable with different sets of options fo both the bluebird activity buses as well as the bluebird school buses. The company has 2 locations in Georgia as well as a worlwide presence throughout Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. Founded in 1927 the bluebird corporation has over 80 years in the bus business.

BlueBird School Bus, BlueBird School Buses For Sale

BlueBird allows for a more tailored bus than most. Offering a wide selection of capacity sizes, engines, fuels, and vehicle sizes you can get the bus that suits your needs the most. Some of the BlueBird school bus models you can find currently being sold :

BlueBird specializes in the transport of passengers and as such they build their coach with a purpose. Things such as the one piece roof bow sets demostrates an improvement designed for passengers versus moving of freight, freight buses.

Used Blue Bird Bus, Used Blue Bird Buses For Sale

Popular Blue Bird Bus For Sale Guide To Newly Used Blue Bird Buses For Sale. Covering some popular bus body, model, and types of blue bird motor coaches. Popular models over the years :

United States General Services Administration (GSA) contract with Blue Bird. Bluebird also manufacturers some buses for the government, these buses are built to meet the demanding requirements and adapt to their environmental needs while being produced in mass quantities to be very practical buses.

BlueBird Partnerships The Blue Bird Corporation And The Bus Models They Provide.  Some of the most popular being the Blue Bird School Buses, The Blue Bird Q-Bus And LTC Models In Used Blue Bird Bus Sales. Top Product Lines Of BlueBird Bus

BlueBird Financial Services

Blue Bird Financial Services is an affiliate of the BlueBird corporation. The BBFS aims at providing financing for particular bus buyers such as :

Blue Bird Produced CutAway Vans, Type A MB-II and MB-IV which they manufactured in 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999. A step van with a full sized body named the "Mini Bird" was manufactured until the 1998 Mini Bird, a Type B Bus. A conventional, Type C Coach, the CV-200 was the manufactured as the yellow school bus model until replaced in 2004 by the new Blue Bird Vision school bus. The Blue Bird Transit Buses were the TC1000 ( This bus was built with a short body, a flat floor, with only a front engine.) and the TC2000 (This was built with both long and short body, front and year engine.) produced until 2001 and 2003 respectfully. The commercial line of Blue Bird's were the Ultra LF, Ultra LMB, and Xcel 102 Series Buses. The RV Motorhome Wanderlodge by Blue Bird, still in production today by Complete Coach Works who purchased shortly after the close of Blue Bird Canada in 2007.

Blue Bird entered the commercial public transit bus market in the 1970's and operated 6 plants wordwide.

1992 Dawned a new age for Blue Bird as it transitioned from a private family owned company to being led for seven years from 1992 to 1999, by a management led buyout team associated with Merrill Lynch Capital Partners. Also in 1992 Blue Bird introduced the Blue Bird Q-Bus for commercial transit and charter use. Blue Bird East was also closed in 1992. Blue Bird de Mexico in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico opened soon after around 1995. In 1997 Blue Bird began production of the bluebird tc2000 series, the bluebird qbus, bluebird cs, all american, conventional bus lines, bluebird micro bird and the wanderlodge models.

From 1999 to somewhere around 2004 Blue Bird had some financial problems, some of these in no way due directly to their investment in the blue bird corporation. A large portion of the company was own by Volvo during this time. By 2002 Two additional Blue Bird plants had been closed, the Mexico plant as well as Blue Bird Midwest. Sometime during 2004 Blue Bird filed for bankruptcy and was acquired by the Cerberus Capital Management Group.

Come 2007 The Blue Bird Corporation made the choice to do away with all but one product line, the Blue Bird School Bus. Their hope to revitalize their company in its strongest line of coach. The last international plant, Blue Bird Canada was shut down, in addition the Blue Bird Wanderlodge Coach/Bus Series was sold Complete Coach Works bringing to a close blue bird's 4 decade tangent into the recreational vehicle (rv) lines of motor caoch conversion.

Steel Body Blue Bird Bus

The first steel bodied blue bird school bus, Blue Bird No. 1, was donated to The Henry Ford recently, in 2008.

Currently we our locating BlueBird buses for sale in specific locations, we are focusing find a bluebird school bus or otherwise in florida, new jersey, pennsylvania, new york, california. Next on the list for bluebird buses are the carolina's, delaware, nevada, texas, arizona, ohio, new england, maine and a few others. We'll keep you updated and add these bluebirds for sale as soon as possible.

The BlueBird WanderLodge

The bluebird wanderlodge is probably one of the most popular RV style buses ever manufactured to this day. Though the bluebird corporation does not manufacturer strictly motorhome style buses or rv's, it is astonishing to me that the wanderlodge models have caught on so much through the years. The reliability of the bluebird bus company surely demostrates itself in the prowess of the bluebird wanderlodge motorhome. I will delve deeper into what the wanderlodge has to offer as well as the various models available and what you can expect to find on the used wanderlodge market today.