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?>ABC Bus began in 1972 with the goal of selling and repairing used motorcoaches. If you are in the market for a quality new or used abc bus, especially a freightliner bus, an ABC bus may be what you are in looking for in a bus. ABC buses have been around quite awhile and are one of the most well known companies in the bus industry. ABC companies offers not only offer buses that are ABC buses but also sell other varieties of motor coach as well.

In May 2007, ABC opened a new parts warehouse in California, which now has become the main west coast parts facility for the ABC Bus Company. The new ABC parts warehouse is quite large and housing a significant amount of bus and motor coach parts.

In 2001 those in charge of ABC Bus Companies and their operating subsidiaries decided to group all companies into one name brand, ABC Companies. For over 20 years the company expanded their efforts in the bus industry as we as their locations which included in the United States: California, New Jersey, Texas and Florida as of 1999. In 1999 ABC offered its client a method of obtaining information on their various motor coaches, bus, and transit buses for sale which serves of course as a utitility to their customers. Sometimes during 1987 ABC made the decision to partner with Van Hool as far as atleast in part some of the bus manufacturing process was concerned.

The ABC Bus Timeline is as follows. In 1987 model T815 bus was made available for sale. Then in 1996 the models T2140 and T2145 were available for sale and the collaboration between abc and van hool, these buses made their debut in Orlando. In 2000 the S2145 model coach which was entirely a european motor coach bus shell was produced in addition to the 2000 C2000 Bus which was more of a transit style coach as well as the model C2045L bus which served as a handicap accessible coach. The 2001 M1000 Series Midsize Coach was then released follow by the A330 in 2002 another transit bus by ABC and the 2003 A330 and 2003 AG300 were soon to follow the next year. 2004 ABC T2100 was introduced as well as additional features added to the ABC Van Hool C2045 and T2145 In conjunction with Caterpillar and General Coach America, ABC / Van Hool placed the CAT engine models in the Van Hool C2000 and ABC M1000 series motor coach. In 2005 an ABC ybrid-electric hydrogen fuel cell bus was created, but I am not certain these models gained any popularity, but who knows what markets purchased what bus. More recently the Van Hool T2145 was introduced and made available for sale by ABC Companies.

We are in search of ABC buses for sale in the following locations, we are trying to find an ABC bus for sale in florida, new jersey, pennsylvania, new york, california. Next on the list for abc buses are north and south carolina, nevada, texas, arizona, ohio, maine and a few more bus locations